Your Guide to Navigating the World of Digital Communications

The world of social media and digital communications can be confusing and frustrating. What works one day may no longer reach your target audience the next, due to ever-shifting algorithms and social trends. Don’t get lost in the sea of noise—let KT World Communications be your guide!

KT World Communications provides a wide variety of digital communication services, from training on the basics to full-time social media management. With flexible pricing and expertise in all things social, we have a package that fits your needs!

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Our Services

  • Analysis of current social media presence and following, including demographic breakdown and target audience
  • Work with company to determine digital media vision and goals
  • Development of strategies to achieve vision through personalized tactics including but not limited to interaction with influencers, hashtags, premium free content, and (if advisable) paid content campaigns
  • Regular meetings (in-person, by phone, or online) to determine progress and review upcoming tactics

  • Creation of social media accounts from scratch, including securing usernames and crafting profile descriptions
  • Establishment of following through targeted interactions and engagement with key influencers, hashtags, and groups

  • Development of comprehensive content calendar for client’s social media accounts
  • Development of tailored content for each social media platform, including but not limited to: repurposing and reformatting existing assets for social media, working with client’s graphic artists and videographers to develop additional assets, capturing and formatting photos, etc.
  • Scheduling content to post during peak engagement times
  • Periodic engagement with key influencers, sharing and retweeting of industry content, and other relevant posts
  • Ongoing analysis of metrics and development of new tactics as necessary to support digital goals
  • Optional: Real-time monitoring of news feeds and engagement with customers/clients, including responding to inquiries and complaints

  • Development of paid content strategy and budget, creation of targeted audiences
  • Creation of unique ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and/or Twitter
  • Strategic “boosting” of well-performing posts
  • Analysis of metrics and adjustment of campaigns

Competitive Intelligence:

What’s everyone else up to?
Curated reporting on competitor news and industry trends delivered periodically at the preference of the client

Live Event Coverage:

Coming at you live!

Live-streaming/live-posting client events, including Facebook/Instagram/YouTube Live and Periscope, real-time posts, engaging with attendee content, and other services as needed

Additional Media Services:

What else can we do together?
Crafting website or print content, developing press announcements and arranging for distribution via wire services, reviewing/editing blog posts. Other services as needed and discussed with client.

About Katie Marinello

I’m a digital communications consultant with over eight years’ experience in execution of social media campaigns, digital marketing, and competitive intelligence. Past clients include entrepreneurs, writers, artists, nonprofits, financial and healthcare institutions.

I was born in Brooklyn and grew up in New Jersey where I witnessed the birth of social media.  An early adopter, I quickly appreciated its commercial value, and developed my expertise throughout my career. I love learning the different idiosyncrasies of each platform and working within their framework to achieve my clients’ goals.

I am a proud graduate of Trinity College and Relay Graduate School of Education. Prior to launching KT World Communications, I worked for PR agencies, taught in the New York City public school system, and was on-line product manager for the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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