• Analysis of current social media presence and following, including demographic breakdown and target audience
  • Work with company to determine digital media vision and goals
  • Development of strategies to achieve vision through personalized tactics including but not limited to interaction with influencers, hashtags, premium free content, and (if advisable) paid content campaigns
  • Regular meetings (in-person, by phone, or online) to determine progress and review upcoming tactics

  • Creation of social media accounts from scratch, including securing usernames and crafting profile descriptions
  • Establishment of following through targeted interactions and engagement with key influencers, hashtags, and groups

  • Development of comprehensive content calendar for client’s social media accounts
  • Development of tailored content for each social media platform, including but not limited to: repurposing and reformatting existing assets for social media, working with client’s graphic artists and videographers to develop additional assets, capturing and formatting photos, etc.
  • Scheduling content to post during peak engagement times
  • Periodic engagement with key influencers, sharing and retweeting of industry content, and other relevant posts
  • Ongoing analysis of metrics and development of new tactics as necessary to support digital goals
  • Optional: Real-time monitoring of news feeds and engagement with customers/clients, including responding to inquiries and complaints

  • Development of paid content strategy and budget, creation of targeted audiences
  • Creation of unique ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and/or Twitter
  • Strategic “boosting” of well-performing posts
  • Analysis of metrics and adjustment of campaigns

Competitive Intelligence:

What’s everyone else up to?
Curated reporting on competitor news and industry trends delivered periodically at the preference of the client

Live Event Coverage:

Coming at you live!

Live-streaming/live-posting client events, including Facebook/Instagram/YouTube Live and Periscope, real-time posts, engaging with attendee content, and other services as needed

Additional Media Services:

What else can we do together?
Crafting website or print content, developing press announcements and arranging for distribution via wire services, reviewing/editing blog posts. Other services as needed and discussed with client.

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